How We Conduct a Search

Step 1. Defining the Search
As with all business issues, successful resolution is the result of clear definition. Our first step is to meet with the client to discuss the position to be filled. We will learn more about the company and understand the organizational structure. Because each employee is a serious long term investment, we will explore issues around the long term success of the individual including potential opportunities for his/her future.

From this meeting we develop the search guidelines that form the basis of the presentation we will be making to potential candidates. We also get a feel for the personality of the company and use that as a prism through which to view the spectrum of skills and qualities of individual candidates.

Step 2. Identification of Candidates.
Our database of over 10,000 marketing professionals is arguably the most extensive of its kind. Ongoing research updates and adds to our file. Identification of candidates begins with a targeted search of the Harris Heery profile bank. In addition, we employ a wide ranging network of contacts established over many years of involvement with the marketing community.

Step 3. Screening of Candidates
Discussion of the specific opportunity and attendant surface issues such as geographic acceptability, compensation expectation etc. are a part of the initial screening process. Appropriate candidates are sent client company background information and the particulars of the position. Following the exchange of information, a more in-depth telephone conversation will identify the most promising candidates.

To insure maximum success for our clients, Harris Heery will not present a candidate that has not been personally screened by one of our consultants. A biographical profile accompanies each resume and serves as the first introduction of candidates to the client.

Step 4. Client - Candidate Meeting
Interview meeting can be arranged either at your facility, in Harris Heery's offices or at some mutually convenient location. Careful preparation of both clients and candidates prior to each interview insures maximum chance for a successful meeting.

Step 5. Final Reference Checking and Negotiation
Once the right candidate has been identified, Harris Heery conducts meticulous comprehensive reference checks. At the same time, the elements of the offer are informally presented to the candidate so that potential points of contention can be identified before the offer is finally constructed. During this time Harris Heery serves as the negotiator bringing issues to a resolution so that once an offer is made it is most likely to be accepted.

Step 6. Offer and Acceptance.
Once the elements of the offer are clear, the client sends the candidate a written offer. Upon acceptance, Harris Heery coaches the candidate through the process of resignation.

Partners in Success
Our long term relationships with clients and candidates are the best testimonial to the success of our approach. However, recruiting is not an exact science and placement activities involve more than just technical procedures. We strive to fulfill assignments with the fit that will assist companies in successfully achieving their goals and objectives and help individuals fully realize their potential. Therefore, the guarantee period we offer is well beyond industry standards reinforcing the partnership we have with our clients.

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